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Chris Martin & The Hempful Farm’s Team Would Like to Recommend You to Artex Agency

When things wern't going quite right on the other site, The Artex team was there to work through the problems and even push marketing. They successfully deployed the new Hempful Farms CBD website, which out performs and benchmarks the old website. Details below.

Rebuilding a Hempful Website

Website sales for Hempful Farms was at an unprecedented low, which prompted Chris to reach out to Artex to find a solution. Our team was able to solve several issues within the checkout processing system of the old site; however we felt like there was more that could be done. By listening to the feedback provided by customers about the previous website, we gained an understanding into their pain points and used this information to design a whole new custom user experience.

Studies Show Better Websites Produce Better Results

Ever wondered why some website pull in huge numbers of sales, where others fall flat? That's because they are built for performance here's a few factors that boost conversions:

  • Page load speed should be less than 3s, the new Hempful site benchmarks at 0.8s
  • It should be easy to navigate to get where you need to be
  • It should take less clicks to perform a task
  • It should rank on the first page of google
  • It should be mobile responsive
  • It should reflect your brand culture
  • It should be handicap accessible
  • It should contain proper schema markup
  • It should make customers feel secure during checkout
  • It should push incentives to promt higher sales

"We saw a big decline in our sites performance over the past year. Just seeing what you guys have done just in the past few weeks is amazing, its starting to feel like how things were before the big decline."

- Chris Martin